Hello and welcome to my new web site, The Crafty Insomniac. Thank you so much for stopping by to check out my latest adventures. It’s great to have you. Please feel welcomed.

I’m a married Mom with two daughters and we live near Montreal, Québec, Canada. I am currently on medical leave and have found an endless array of things to do to help pass the time.  Crafting and designing things has turned in to my biggest hobby as of late. I’m always busy with one thing or another. I also have the worst case of insomnia in existence today. LOL. I  can never sleep more than 45 minutes to 3 hours within any given 48 hour period. This leaves me with *a lot* of time on my hands. Ha ha ha!

I love photography, adult coloring, knitting, crochet, cooking, baking, making my own recipes, learning, sharing, motivating, giving and helping. I also really enjoy web design and meeting new people. You do see where I’m going with this, right? LOL. I do literally everything. I’m incredibly crafty and creative with an overwhelmingly colorful imagination. This is where the idea came from for my spiffy new web site! I love doing crafts and I’m never not busy with one hobby or another. That and I can’t sleep a wink. LOL. Why not combine all of my hobbies in to one and come up with a catchy name to match? Voila! Me! *big grin* The Crafty Insomniac.

Brace yourself for a world full of shocking (but absolutely true) stories, never before shared recipes, craft ideas (quite possibly) beyond your imagination, humor, creativity, baffling remarks, shocking quirks. Oh! And lots of curse words and “F” bombs, I’m sure. LOL.

I do hope you’ll enjoy your stay here and leave with a grin on your face. 😀

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